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I was a kid of the 80's. I grew up listening to the "Land of Confusion" and "That's All" form of Genesis. I thought that Phil Collins was the only lead singer that they had ever had until I was about 18. One Christmas, I got "And Then There Were Three"  on CD and I flipped through the booklet and discovered that there were albums dating as far back as 1970. The first Peter Gabriel album that I had the joy of hearing was Foxtrot. What a masterpiece! I had never heard such pure, heady, intellectual lyrics in my life. I though the Beatles were the be all and end all until I got turned on to early Genesis. Every song blew me away. Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme are two of my all-time favorite albums. They blend so well that I almost consider them bookends of one another. I love Trespass and Selling England as well. All masterpieces. I enjoy the early Phil as lead years too, with Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering. I really pity anyone who has never had the privilege of sitting in a dark room on a frosty winter's night listening to "Watcher of the Skies" or "Supper's Ready" through their headphones. It's an experience like none other. It really changed my life. God, I love this band!

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I also like the early Genesis especially Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot. I kind of lost interest in the later albums when Phil Collins pushed away from progressive rock and into commercial mainstream. There were still memorable songs and their music was still better than most bands but for me the earlier magic was gone. In the 70s and early 80s they were my favorite band but I'm also a fan of prog-rock in general and ELP is another big fave of mine. Those were surely inspired times that will never be repeated much like the Beatles years.

To do: Take whatever non-lethal psychotropic substance you can and read the liner notes to "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" whilst listening to that double-album masterpiece with a close friend. Enjoy.

Genesis is definitely an AWESOME BAND!!! :D I too, am a child of the '80s, just turned 30 in January. I have been a fan of Genesis since I was six years old. I remember watching the video for "Land of Confusion" on MTV, I think I was about 6 or 7. I remember being fascinated by it. I recently got into older Genesis music. I love "Carpet Crawlers," and "Undertow."