I am a Journey nut, not only because of the fantastic songs they've produced over the years...but because my wife and I used to listen to them together constantly. We even had the song "Faithfully" played as our first dance at our wedding.
This song ..."Don't Stop Believin'" was one of my wife's all time favorites, because she used to say it was similar to how we met. We were both seniors in high school, both with other friends at a New Year's Eve dance out of town...at midnight the friends we came with (all couples) left to go dance... leaving her and me all alone at our tables. We both glanced across the tables, catching each others eyes...we both nodded, smiled and went out to the dance floor. So, we met like strangers in the night...and the rest was history!
Anyway, sorry to bore you with memories of my past...I'd like to dedicate this to my late wife Darcie..."can I have one last dance"

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What a lovely tribute to your late wife. Nice to meet another true Journey fan.

That is really beautiful