Frolicking Naked With The Men

I went on holiday to Budapest last year by myself. It's a very watery city: bath houses are everywhere, some of them mixed, some single-sex on different days. Everyone goes to them at some time, maybe to wind down after work or at the weekend. I spent hours (in men-only baths) wallowing in hot mineral spring pools watching men of all shapes and sizes strut around the spa areas either totally naked, or wearing a cute little calico pinafore that is meant to hide your modesty - at the front only, your bum hangs out at the back for all to see! And when people sat down in the hot pools together, their pinnie would float up and show everything that was hiding underneath. What a week, spent rubbing thigh-to-thigh with dozens of beefy, naked, hairy moustachioed Hungarians, straight and gay, young and old, just enjoying the maleness of it all! Erections would come and go, it didn't matter. The only downside was the hordes of young German and other Western Europeans and Americans who don't get the nudity thing, coming in with board shorts down to their knees. In that environment they looked stupid and spoiled the 'au naturel' atmosphere that makes the spas so relaxing, enjoyable and mildly erotic....
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Having experienced Budapest bath houses in the communist era in the 70s and 80s I'm glad to learn they still give you those hanky size "modesty" covers for your male junk that leave your bum bare; an erotic arrangement I found. Lying in the jacuzzi, your square of coverage floated to the surface leaving your junk still discretely covered but free for the probing toes of the guy opposite to explore,

I like being naked with men too. Since I retired I have been naked most of the time at home in the house and in the back yard and only wear clothes to leave the house. I have male friends who are nudists also and we get together a lot.

board shorts are stupid ..... and when wet don't really hide as much as the wearers think!

I'd love to - and before the baths are made swimsuit-only establishments. Nothing like a room full of naked men to set you up for the day!

It sounds a lot of fun. Lucky you. Will you be going again?