Sex On the Beach

Nothing like sex on the beach.  There's something about the allure of the beach with its glistening sand, crashing waves and sun drenched women wearing hardly anything.  If you're lucky enough you'll find a woman who will reveal what lies beneath the skimpy pieces of clothing.   There's nothing more sexy than to see her reveal the ever so small areas of pale white flesh as you remove her thong.  Actually there's only one thing even more sexy than that.  Imagine lying there on the beach under a full moon, hearing the roar of the ocean as a beautiful naked female with pale outlines of her incredibly sexy thong, takes you in her mouth, gently sucking and rolling her tongue about your swollen ****.  She holds your balls squeezing them ever so gently.  Her middle finger proceeds between your legs and softly brushes over your anus.  It gently enters that cavity deeper and deeper as it searches for the prostate gland.  With one hand she begins to massage the gland which will shortly eject a massive stream of pure tasty white juice into her mouth.  You just can't take it any longer.  As her lips and tongue move about your now engorged member, the prostate massage no longer can continue.  You eject your manhood into her very hot and sultry mouth.  It drips out of her mouth onto your swollen **** but she goes after it with her lips, licking every drop back into her already full mouth.  Yes this actually happened to me one night on the island of Provodentialies.  Check out the Club Med there.  You will not be disappointed.

mrbill707 mrbill707
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2009