I Decided To Give Up Him

My english is very bad , I come from china ,and I like reading prose , I can write use of Chinese prose is very good, but the use of English prose but not translated.So I only simple writing my story. i love my good friend's boy friend. i think they are a nice couple ,i must leave them , and i must to find my true happiness. i decide to give up my good friend's boyfriend. and i will wish them happy every day. I believe I can find one I love more, he also loved me, so have I loved him. But decided to leave him I feel heart be very painful. friends ,i will leave you ,and you must be happy everyday, that i will live fast happy.

eveilies eveilies
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 29, 2010

There are so many others out there that I am sure that you will find one that fits you even better...