Walking On The Beach

  I will tell you my own best therapy, whenever I,m upset, sad ,doing something or can,t sleep I see my self walking on the beach.
 I was lucky to go to beautiful places and always my favorite thing to do was walking on the beach in the morning.
 Smelling and hearing the ocean .watching people and the birds, Oh I love so much I  just close my eyes and there I,m walking on the beach .it relaxes me ,bring some memories back and makes me happy.
 Can,t wait until Sept. when I go on my holidays and do my favorite thing. I LOVE THE BEACH
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2 Responses May 30, 2010

:( I miss the beach so much. here I am stuck in the middle of the country..

I was not talking about sexy ladies ,you are probably man and you guys have only one thing on your mind. So sad because there is so many more beautiful things in the world than sexy ladies.<br />
To enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean you have to be spiritual and romantic person ,not somebody who only goes there to see ladies in their swimming suites.