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hello there , my name is Nildaliz Rolon . Im 14 year`z old qoinq on 15 on November 15th , i came here for help . My boyfriend and I have been tlkinq lately about havinq a baby and marriaqe , I truly honestly love him with all my heart . But Im too scared to have a baby or get married because of my mom, I really wanna have a baby with him . I alway`z wanted to be a teen mom and qet married as a teen , but my mom always says its horrible beinq a teen parent , that shes qonna kick me out , and alot of other thinqs that qet me scared about it . My boyfriend ( who is 15 ] really wants to have a baby with me and qet married with mi &|+ i doo too , but my mom always stops me . my boyfriend says i can move in with him and hell buy / do anythinq for me and our baby , but the thouqht of the thinqs my mom tells me scare me . im afraid she`ll beat me or sumthinq , cuus she has before . and i called the cops on her &|+ evrythinq , so i dont know what to do . I truly honestly wanna have my own baby , but im afraid whats qonna happen durinq my preqnancy and after the babies born . &|+ the thinq that qets me thinking to is that my mom qot preqnant at 15 and had me when she was 16 &|+ i turned out qreat and spoiled . i honestly dont know what to do about my mom cause i really wanna be a teen mom with all my heart and get married with my boyfriend . any suqqestions on what i should do ? any advice ? please help me . 
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

You should be out having fun! There is plenty of time for babies and marriage after you've experienced life. Becoming a mom now robs you of a lot....education, life experience, all sorts of things. <br />
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As far as sex...as a teen goes. You body may not be ready to truly experience the real physical joy of intimate relations. In simple words...It might feel okay. But just wait sweetie....It will feel much better later on in life. Of this I know. I AM AN EXPERT. I had sex way to early in life. It set me up for a life that was much diffferent than the life I should of / could of had. YOU SHOULD WAIT. You have your whole life ahead of you. <br />
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Okay enough about you. What about your baby? Do you really think that he or she will have the same happy life as you? That your situations would be identical? They will not be because you are not the same. And finally. What about the boy? What makes you so sure he will want what you want? Maybe he is just looking to get laid? Sometimes hormones feel overpowering. <br />
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Best of luck to you.