I Love The Sight's, Sounds And Sensations Of The Beach

Running down the dunes feeling the soft squishy sand between my toes, then the sensation of the rushing waves crashing on shore chasing my feet and providing cool respite. The calm of first light, then dawn as the golden rays glisten atop the bed of waves. The crisp sea air, so inviting so melodic as I look on the freshly laid tablet of sand for new effervescent treasures that have been deposited! Catching a glimpse of a hooded gull, or a great black backed scurrying and bouncing by the shore squaking feverishly. Ahhh all the delicious sights, sounds and sensations of the beach. Not to mention adding your own appeal, like holding hands; stealing a slow sexy kiss, playfully splashing the one you love; dancing at night as the moon serenades you, with approval from above. The allure is unmatched! It's intoxication never ending and totally quenching! Get me back there noe please. I can feel the lure of the earth's gravitational forces pulling me in that direction now. Can the salt water taffy, the snow cones and romance be far behind. NOPE!
enjoythebeach enjoythebeach
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Thank you both for the nice comments! I write what's in my heart.

Very poetic!