Ithe Beach Is Beautiful

It's where I spent most of my summers, I love the ocean, the salty air, and the sand, it makes me feel playful, and like a little kid again. It's vast and beautiful.
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TrueSpoken, thats wonderful to hear, you really have enjoyed and loved the wonders of the ocean, but sad yet because you are far from one, now, although there are beautiful places even away from the sea:) appreciate your shared comments.<br />
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DJkk, thank you for commenting, yes, the beach, and ocean make me feel like a little girl, romping and playing again, without a care in the world.

As a boy I vacationed on Cape Cod, Ma. I saw the ocean as a vast and wondrous thing, with other worlds across the vast water. Worlds I wanted to know and see.<br />
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I've since lived and spent time on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. I've been very lucky since I've had the opportunity to explore the wonders I imagined as a boy.<br />
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I live far from any ocean now but I have spent time on both coasts with my boys and felt through them the same wonder I had as a boy.

Me too SunshineofyourLove, long winter where I'm moving to but its still where Im surrounded by nature:)<br />
thanks for your comment we can enjoy exchanging feelings and stories when winter comes this year.

thank you for the comment meshreky, sand castles to you:)<br />
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yes some have very fine sand, its wonderful to sift through with barefeet, feels nice. thank you for the comment ..sir.

living on the beach would make me feel so peaceful