I Miss....

I miss the sounds of the beach.  Seagulls calling...waves crashing.  I miss the smell of the ocean...the salty air of the Atlantic.  I miss the sights of the ocean...fishing boats heading out.  I miss the touch of the ocean...storm coming in with the rain on my face.  I miss the taste of the ocean...fresh catch from the boat brought back to a bonfire on the beach.

I miss and love the Beach.
TrueSpoken TrueSpoken
3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Very nice of you to say. I only mentioned the Atlantic in my story but I've lived on both sides of the Pacific as well. The part of my story with the storm coming in and rain on my face was memories of the Pacific.

the atlantic coast is so unique, i think. i love the way everything gets weathered and softened...even the people. make that, especially the people. :0]

I miss the beach too. Haven't been in a couple of years. I love walking the shoreline, looking for shells, near sunset. The tide rolling in over my feet... Mmm... Nothing like it.