Beach Love

I was invited to a beach party this was a day, it was about an hours drive for me on arriving late afternoon on a hot day the party was in full swing there was a few hot guys there they seemed to out number the girls by 2 to 1 and I wasn't long before a bare chested hunk wearing a thin pair of shorts walked over in my direction I could see by his bulge he had lots to offer I was very aroused at this point Iam sure he could tell, I was wearing a bikini and the heavily spiked punch was free flowing he put his arms around my waist I could feel his sweaty palms was all over me then he put his arms around my waist pulled me close and kissed me on the lips then his tongue ran down to my neck and he began kissing my neck with his hands running caressingly over my back , he slipped his hands into my pants and started to excite me his tongue now is working way down the side of my neck slipping the shoulder ***** of my bikini off with his teeth exposing my breast he slowly kissed and run his tongue over my breast while his hands was undoing the clasp of my bikini letting it fall to the floor, he began to make love in the dunes, It was a wonerfull night of love to remember
angel1995 angel1995
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

i can only imagin what u would like to do on a beach LOL

i like the beach too ;-j