I Lived The Beach Life The Beach Boys Wrote And Sang About, Girls, Cars And Water

But I already wrote about it in "My Little Surfer Girl", leaving out only that we lived 20 miles from the city, got our food from the sea, got great tans, lived with lots of tanning oil, and bare skin, the skiing, scuba diving, spearfishing, shark fishing, drinking. skinny dipping, bikini clad teenage and stewardess girl goddesses, 80 feet visibility water, beach cabins with showers to share with barely dressed girls, 63 corvette (mine, I had the only cool car there thanks to my dad's friendship with the Suadi's he taught how to fly, and my older sister they all wanted to date...) and all the angst of days with no purpose except to worship the sun and water, the tan skin and bikini clad sun streaked hair of west coast  lifestyle girls. Saudi Arabian west coast, but west coast is west coast wherever you go.  Sin Cities, always seem to end up on the west coasts of countries. Wonder why? If you know tell me, would love to know.
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sounds like an exciting part of your life

thanks, all of you, for reading. yes, i agree, california girls are the standard by which i compare all others!<br />
i hope to get back to the lifestyle which will allow me to begin crossing off oceans and countries once more soon.<br />
tosh, as always, muah,<br />
and moo.

Sounds like me only I was in Southern California, home of the most beautiful girls in the world

this is how i continue to live.<br />
i am slowly crossing off oceans from my `to surf' list, and have accumulated a pretty long list.<br />
great post!