My Daughters First Wish

It all started with a road trip to a friends house out on the beach where we could pretend to live in a like millionares for a few days. the house next to us was person who invented the upc code thats what i was told. well on the way to the house me and the wife had an argument about money like most couples. we soon stoped for our daughter then we started to play games then we moved on to wishing for silly stuff then she said it at the age of 5 she says i wish all the money in the world was turned into blueberry muffins.i thought how silly then i started to think about how many crimes were commited just for money. do we really need it any more i dont think so im not going to pull you through the hole i went down. but i will pose you a question and i ask you to ask yourself and others and tell me what you would do.

You are given all you NEED to survive a home, food, energy,water,tranportation,education for the rest of your life, then i tell you can do OR BE anything you want. I ONLY WANT TO HEAR WANT YOU WOULD DO WITH YOUR LIFE. would you be lazy or would you chase your dreams. the way i look at it the more people that are given the chance to do what they want to do will do it with more drive and passion than the person thats forced to do it survive.
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this is a good place to start it has FAQ about the monatary system and why we should get rid of money.<br />
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thanks for the comments i want to be a comdian but i lack the desire to write jokes. but i also like to build things and get dirty in the earth like planting or gardening. you need to find other things you can find joy in and work at there must be something else you like besides music. i will be honest i do have an agenda and it is to get rid of money i see the power it gives people over people BAD. so if you like to go down a rabbit hole check out youtube and look at the videos on a resource based economy good stuff.<br />

Sadly, having received a degree in music and having been around musicians most of my life, I have found that those who succeed are NOT those with the natural "gift," but it is those who have the desire to work, strive, and sweat their way to success that actually succeed. I have recently been given the opportunity to revisit my long-passed decision to abandon my career in the arts. I have the gift, I have been told, but I fear I lack the desire and drive to push all of the obstacles out of my path. So in response to your story, I'm not sure that those who are given the "chance" will actually pursue their dream. If I could, I'd definitely be a performer, and would quit the lousy stressful job I've had for too many years! I'd MUCH rather do what I want to do rather than what I feel I must do.