One Year !

i was 14 years old.. now i am 15 and i loved a person from Alex and i am living in Cairo !!!! he told me in the start that he doesn't like me >>> but i loved him so much his friends told me he is taking drugs !! i shocked and i asked him he told me yes !! i decided to leave him !! and he accepted cuz he didnt love me !! after two days i saw him !! and it was the second time for me to see him ! he told me he want me to come back and he will stop drugging and he told me that he adore me suddenly i believed him i was fool  !! then i started to be with him again we met another 2 times and then one of his friends told me that he still drugging i asked him he lied he told me no then his mom told me the truth of every thing !! after one year !! i thought he loved me and that he stopped the drugs but i was wrong and i broke up with him and after 3 months i met him in a concert ! he asked me again to come back but i refused ! cuz i cant believe him any more ! but now i met an awesome person his name is MAhmoud btw the first guy his name is AHMED but now i know that MAHMOUD will be my future :) he loves me so much and i adore him i saw him in a charity party in my school ! and i felt that he is the one for me and he came to talk to me and we started to know each other and now we r in  the most incredible relationship he promised me he will marry  me and he is 20 years old and he want to come to tell mom about our relationship i swear he is the one that i trust now i adore him and he can understand me we have a lot of common things in our personality and his family is awesome his dad is a perfect man and his mom is an awesome women and they love me>> i want him to be with me forever cuz i cant live without him in my life   
samsomabonata samsomabonata
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2010