I Wish

i wish i was on the beach right now, not any beach the beach at Margate.  It has sandy white beaches, deep blue sea and is humid all year round. sitting on a dune just staring at the waves, losing my thoughts.  letting the crash of the waves calm me down.

I wish i could dip my toes into the freezing water and walk  along side the shore, just letting the water run over my feet burying my feet in the sand.
With all my being i wish i could be there right now, away from my boyfriend and his kids.

When i struggle to sleep sometimes all i think about is that beach.  I miss it so much.
Wickedlady28 Wickedlady28
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Ahhhh, sounds great! I have the same memories of Dominican Republic. But I must say, the ocean there is hotter than body-heat all year round but it doesn't take away the pangs of wanting to go back in our memories to places we have been.<br />
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You paint a gorgeous picture here with words; very well done ... I can almost feel myself there. Thank you for sharing :-)<br />
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Margate is in kwa-zulu natal south africa, lovely beach, great water and very special place all year round

Where is Margate?

very true, it feels like there can be no wrong in a place like that