Always Lived Near

I woke up this morning feeling blue.  

I brought myself to the one place that brings me comfort, joy, peace and tranquility....the beach.

The warm sand in between my toes is a familiar sensation.  

Reminiscing about childhood memories of times spent at the beach, both mine and my daughter's, always brings a smile to my face.

Splish, splashing,  watching my daughter running in and out of the water with her friend warmed my heart.

Feeling the cool ocean breeze blowing through my hair while listening to the waves crashing always soothes my soul.

I don't ever want to know what it's like not to live near the beach. 

Without it, I would be a whole different person.

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2 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Gosh I miss the water.

Whenever I need to get a boost I try to go to the beach....sometimes however it's a chore for me to get there, but that's when I close my eyes and remember.....ahhhhh I can smell the sea breeze right now