For My Baby

you know thoes stars in the night sky?

thats what i see when i close my eyes,

you make me feel like a princess in a fairy tale story,

like you will always be there to shelter me from the wet and stormy,

and that your in the lead, 

and let you sweep me off my feet,

that ghosts dont exist because your my night in shiny armor,

that the love we share will hold on until forever,

who ever thought i could get this lucky,

to meet some one who doesnt make me feel like they ugly ducky,

to meet some one that could put herculese to shame,

to meet some one who doesnt make me feel so lame,

whenever im with you,

the sky is always blue,

and the sky is always shining,

that one of your kisses is more valuble then a diamond,

that your like a god from above,

that your the only one i love. :)
sparkles1101 sparkles1101
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

mum.. i wrote that for jordan

Very nice and warm words.... I enjoyed reading your story.

nice i like it