Wouldn't it be wonderfully amazing to be sat on a beach at sunset. Wet white sand and abandoned, bleached tree trunks laying on the ground; making perfect seats. The calm waves of salty warm water caressing the shore under twinkling stars. No-one around for miles, darkness, purple skies with an orange ball that looks like it's sinking into the ground. Sunset.
You would need no music, nothing just eyes and ears. Imagine sitting on one of those tree trunks with your feet buried in wet, silky sand, your hands rested on the grooves in the wood o the tree trunk... reading your favorite book.... That's my kind of perfection.
Amaya8 Amaya8
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I agree... Peace of mind usually follows such experiences!! I must also do this asap!!

This sounds wonderful. I have always wanted to go off somewhere in nature and spend the day just wandering and taking breaks to read a book I brought along. I should make more time in my life to do such things. It would help to reduce my stress and life is too short to put things off.