My First Time At The Beach...

My toes stepped off the boardwalk, and slowly disappeared beneath the powdery sand, my flip flops in hand. The sun's heat reflects up against me, as the salty wind blows in off the water to cool me slightly. No wind could quell the heat of that day, though. All around me are sunbathers, the typical SoCal girls with their long hair, designer sunglasses, and tiny bikinis. I didn't quite fit in, but whatever, I was going to play in the ocean anyway.

Walking towards the water, I could feel the power of the ocean waves before my toes even got wet. The water suddenly splashed against my ankles, and it was as warm as bathwater.....certainly not like that where I come from! It was amazing. I suddenly became addicted to the beach...
Lucidblue Lucidblue
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2011

Thanks felt better to describe it than to just tell about my first time at the beach. Although I should qualify that...of course I had gone to the beach at lakes where I live, and I've been to the east and west coast of Canada before this time...but this was truly going to the beach at a warm destination, it was hot, the sand was like powder, and the water was so warm, and the waves were crashing....very different than what I get in Canada!

Thanks =)