Got A Favorite Beach?

Ok, folks. You're all beach lovers whether you hit the waves on vacation, pack the car with sun stuff and drive to a lake or shore or fall out of bed and walk to the sands.

What's your favorite beach and why? Some folks like a bit of a crowd, well-kept facilities, plenty of parking and a place to get a cheeseburger; others like it more natural away from the radios and the tots.

Plenty of favorites here in southwest Florida and minutes to get there. The weather is great for months and the ocean is already mid-80s and very clean. I love Fort Myers Beach (but not the touristy area near the main bridge) -- the smaller, numbered "nook" beaches driving south. There are a couple of island beaches accessible only by a five dollar ferry ride that one can pick up from Captiva or Bokeelia. My all-time fav U.S. beach is at Lovers Key in Estero. Quiet enough, especially during the week, easily accessed, super clean, decent facilities and plenty of room to explore or get lost on purpose.
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I live in South Beach: that's my favorite beach. My only complaint is that I cannot take my beloved dachshund, unless it's really early in the morning or very late at night.

"Ok, folks. You're all beach lovers..." That's no surprise to me. We were all fish, billions of years ago, so we still seek to get back to the ocean from time to time :D I don't have a favourite US beach because I've never been there but there are several small and remote beaches in Denmark that I truly love but keep my secret ;)

Indeed, Laura, good point. Of course we all start out in a dark, warm, aqueous solution where we sleep contentedly. In southwest Florida, my home, the shores are dotted with beaches, many forgotten or unoccupied by all but a few, andthe gulf waters truly resemble that "warm, aqueous solution", slightly salty, gently rocking, always pleasurable.

I used to really like Orient Beach on St. Martin, but I'm told that it has been built up a great deal since the last time I was there. There is also a national seashore in the St. Austine/Jacksonville area (I've forgotten the name) that was beautiful and deserted on weekdays. The beach at Leo Carillo (sp?) State Park in Ventura County, CA used to be very nice also.

You and I are on the same wavelength again. I spent several hours at Anastasia State Park. The high point: I picked up a massive turtle (tortoise?) just sitting in the middle of the road leading into the park. Great beach, like you said occupied by only a handful, with a concession stand that had cheeseburgers and cold soda.

Thanks for remembering the name. That is the place I was referring to. Unfortunately, I haven't been in North FL for a few years now.

Makena Beach in Maui. Huge beach, unspoiled, incredible sand and view. Hardly a soul there. Awesome!

Siver Sands Jamaica the name says it all

just about to discover grandes playas beach in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. 7Km of CO beach, report back in a week! So far .... Manly, NSW location and waves, just awesome.

Yup...lot's of goodies...but lot's of tourists clogging up the sand on tiny islands too. That's what I like about states that have HUGE beaches. Working at Cap Canaveral was great...

I've only been to Cocoa Beach. But I loved it. I met someone there and we did a little surfing. That experience made me want to buy a house in Florida. I'm still looking....

Dude, you're from Hawaii. Lots and lots of goodies there. Love the naked belly pic. Furry.

My new favorite beaches are in the Schychelles, off the coast of East Africa. Figure I'd never get another opportunity to see the beaches, so I went. Beautiful, uncrowded, white sand, clear water. Snorkling was great from the beach - and at times I just used my swim goggles. Didn't want to leave ... *heavy sigh*<br />
<br />
I put pictures on my site to share with my friends.

I love the Outer Banks espcially in the offseason when it's not crowded. Nags Head have a beach house there and i love it more laid back!

Fav beaches are Hermosa and Coronado. Wish I had the time to get down there more often. The weather this summer was amazing, if only I had more time, maybe next summer. :-)

iv lived in coronado island most my life i lov it here

My most favorite beach is Lindqvist in St. Thomas, would love to live there, but I lack the money too. My second favorite is South Padre, beautiful water, beautiful wildlife, beautiful women, plenty of open spaces, and water in summer is like being in a hot bath.

We're going to support the NJ shores as well. Not sure of the names of all the towns but they start near Asbury Park in the North, Keansburg is cool with the Amusement park and Waterpark---We used to goto an empty beach overlooking the back bay of Sandy Hook (near Atlantic Highlands) and sunbathe nude on this beach (when Sandy Hook was too packed). Now it looks totally developed, what a shame. Used to be our paradise!

I am still partial to N. Myrtle Beach, SC ("The Beach") for a lot of east coasters. The people who go are fun and the Beach is beautiful.

Graham I agree Lake Mich. is great Huron is too. Superior beaches are nice but cold to swim kind of like the comment by TwylaMArie about the beaches of the North West,

I like any beach where I can enjoy some nude time under the sun. I'm not all that picky.<br />
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I'll be in the area of Apollo beach this July, and I plan on getting nude there, if I still can.

Amen Mejoe, Michigan beaches rock, sugary sand, fresh water. Hard to beat Lake Michigan beaches along the west side of Michigan.

Many people will probably groan at this - and I can't blame them - but I believe the beaches of Washington state and British Columbia are amazing.<br />
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No - you don't want to swim in the frigid waters that circulate down from Alaska, and a bikini is only recommended about two months a year, but what the beaches lack in sunshine they make up for with privacy and emptiness. <br />
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I've often been on beaches in Washington where there is literally no one else on the beach except me and perhaps my husband. The beaches here tend to be long and straight, so when you are alone it really means something. Looking out onto the ocean and being alone is it's own experience and one that few people ever get to have.

HeyitsRich,<br />
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You're so right. Unfair state stereotype. "Joisey" can be heard, I think, in one small Hudson County pocket (did I get that right?) yet that's part of the bum rap that has tagged the "Garden State." Ever get to the lower digits of the Parkway? There are some killer beaches that are especially fine in September when the kids are back in school, rates for everything have gone down and the ocean is its warmest. And how about it Rich... does every Jersey teen teen have at least one story from Belmar, Seaside or oh so quiet Ocean Grove?

New Jersey beaches are gorgeous in some places, rotten in others. If I were to own a place in NJ on the water, it would definitely be in LBI, so agreed "sandnsurf!" It's an enormous island, and takes approximately 45 minutes to drive across. I lived in NJ for 9 years in 3 different towns and was able to see the water from all 3 homes. Belmar, Ocean Grove, and Seaside are nice, too! Careful though Katie, in the 9 years I've lived there I've never come across one accent (no matter how thick) to pronounce that state as "Joisey." I'm constantly correcting people on that. Lol.

I've been to Nj and Florida once for about 5 days each and enjoyed the beaches there.<br />
I spend most of my time on the fresh water beaches in Michigan There are plenty of great public places and more quiet isolated places to go. We have sand dunes for climbing and others for riding the dune buggy on. This is almost like living in a place like florida. Actually I think we have more beach than just about any other state. The only thing is you can enjoy them longer in Florida. it is not beach weather here yet.

Pamper,<br />
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The stretch of the Jersey shore from Asbury Park (a dump now but when I was a little kid it was Nirvana... rides, boardwalk nooks and stores, custard cones, salt water taffy, fudge) all the way to Cape May (and, of course, the Mecca of going "down the shore", Wildwood and its vast beach and boardwalk) was a memorable childhood experience. It's difficult to explain to folks who've never been to Joisey. <br />
<br />
And love the toes!<br />
<br />

Have to agree Lover's Key is gorgeous! I paddle all through the Keys and the Everglades and 10,000 islands every winter and the Estero River and all the way up to the Crystal River and all the Gulf Coast rivers in between. Lots of great places there to get out and stretch your legs and appreciate the scenery...<br />
<br />
BTW, I grew up spending my summers at Wildwood and visiting my grandparents at Asbury Park

My favorite is Crescent Beach, just south of St. Augustine.

That's "LBI" for those not familiar with the fabulous New Jersey beaches. I spent a summer -- only partially sober -- in nothing but a bikini before 5 pm every single day soaking up the sun at the beach in Ship Bottom. If you're from Jersey, you head "down-the-shore" if you're headed to the beach. Another cool thing about NJ beaches is most of them have stretches of boardwalks with cool shops and Jersey's famous sausage and pepper sandwiches (perfect foil to too much booze the night before). I'd add a few of those beaches between Atlantic City and Cape May to my Top 100 list.

Can't speak for many Florida Beaches. St. Augustine is the most similar to the beach I grew up at. My favorite beach is still Holgate Beach on Long Beach Island, NJ. you can walk for miles. Explore dunes and wet lands. For surfing, the waves are fabulous!