New Fav Beach: #7 (in Pictures)

Found it. The beach simply known as #7 right off the main Gulf road in Bonita Beach has got it all......

Fifty yard walk to the beach....

Lush sub-tropical greenery and always-hot weather.....

Of course a clean and quiet beach that few have discovered... ocean around 87 degrees....

... and intelligent women!

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Stop teasing me!! *bangs head on desk*

As you go north over the 2nd bridge you will find the' Dog Beach'. It is a Lee county park for dogs. They can run free and have a great time.

And Lovers Key, another fine beach and state park.

Big Carlos Bridge.

The Gulf Coast of Florida has some wonderful beaches, and is generally a very pleasant area to my experience. Some of the people who inhabit the area are pretty special too.

It looks like Haulover Beach in FL -

West coast of Florida. There is about a dozen miles of beaches between Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Beach and Estero, all with their own unique characteristics (Ft. Myers Beach is busy, large, a favorite with tourists and filled with shops and eateries; #7 is simply empty). They are numbered from #1 - #38.

I haven't been to the West Side in years the last time I was over there I was in Sarasota but that has been 15 years. Due to business I always end up in Miami.

Where is that? in FL? And yes, the last photo does the previous ones plenty of justice :P

Been there many times, it's very nice and rarely crowded now the snowbirds and spring breakers are gone.

The lady on the beach would make any beach the best in the world. Too bad that she is overdressed.

Probably obvious that she's intelligent - and dedicated to beach surveying. :-)


looks like a perfect day

kool it i just south of us !!!!

Hella nice! oh n the beach too. :)

just beautiful,

directions please

That looks like a beach near me<br />
but then beaches are beaches<br />
looks wonderful<br />
swimming and playing in the waves<br />
good fun

It is near you . . . half a world away. There's a 10-15 mile stretch along the Gulf where the 38 beaches . . . middle sized to a few with just three parking spots and rarely a visitor . . . are simply named with numbers.

nice place with nice model...

Where in Florida is Bonita Springs?

ilove theses pictures makes me wish I was on a beach now.

Great beach!!!

Would work for me!

Looks like a great place. Hard to believe that it is so secluded. I would be there all the time if I lived near there. This kind of place is a rare find. I hope it stays that way.

The lady looks highly intelligent.

I know of a beach and a path that looks just like that on the big island of Hawaii.

Beautiful beaches are ok. But intelligent women . . . that's the stuff of magic.

Isn't there a group in the sanibel/Captiva area that has nude outings to some of the barrier islands that can only be reached by boat?

When I lived in Florida I used to go to Apollo Beach south of Tampa - spent quite a bit of time naked there. I used to live near Englewood Beach, but the Charlotte Sheriff's Office was constantly looking for nudists - loved it most when able to get over to Miami & Haulover Beach.

Reminds me of the beaches in north Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. I prefer the water to be cooler than a tepid bath though. Love your pics.

'tis so true. the water is warm and the waves at best timid. but trust me.... it takes seconds to love it.

mmm absolutely stunning mmmmmmm shall i bring you your pina calada now mmmmm

Beautiful beach. Hope it's secluded enough to be nude there.<br />
<br />
Only way to swim

Very nice picture of you, it almost look like Mexico. Where is it?

Bonita Beach, FL. You mean the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.