The Beach

On morning you are greeted by a crisp breeze when you open your door. the place is calm and the white sand glitters in the semi-darkness as the sun rises. As you are walking along the shoreline, you listen to the gentle ebb of the sea and the crickets chirping in the distance. The air is so salty that you can almost taste it when you inhale. The sand is cool to your bare feet and you shiver as a cool breezes come your way. You stop under a tree and observe the radiant sunrise as your surroundings become alot warmer.

Soon the beach is full of colour. People bringing brightly coloured blankets and umbrellas which they set up as the children run around shoutiung and playing. After a while you hear the complaints flooding from the children, as they want to enter the refreshing cool water.

You decide its time for a swim, you go and change in your hut. When you retrace your footsteps back to the beach, you find the place overcrowded and bustling with activites. Mothers shouting, babies crying, children running and friends gossiping. The sea is full of people swimming, playing water sports or just relaxing and talking in the shallow water. You wade into the water which gets cooler as you go deeper. You are surrounded by shells and rocks and seaweed, but the further you go, the less the feel. You ride the highest waves and once you have had your fill, you move back towards the shore.

Evening finds the beach deserted. You find your tree and sit under it. You close your eyes and lean on the trunk. You hear the cries of the gulls and the crickets chirping their goodnights. You smile to yourself and too soon it is time to leave and return home.....
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28 Responses Oct 6, 2011

there is so many places in this country that most never see yet they go to other country's to see there sites. They say you never see whats on your own doorstep

The evening when the beach is find the harmony with the ocean and nature....

Now I want to get to the beach.

you really dont even look your age your so pretty

Do you get to spend a lot of time by the beach!?!

Then you are quite lucky just like myself... the beach is one of the best and most therapeutic things that nature provides us with. I see it every single day when I wake up and before I go to sleep...

Nothing quite like a beach morning... always gets my day off to the best start!

I agree. You got me in the mood to go to the beach. :)

Love the beach. Might even live there shortly in Oceanside. Not the first place I want to live tough.

Hi babe
sach here
dont get confused by the king gimmick lol

Lets connect
if not.............

I dont get moved or like poetry or writing unless its of good to great quality
so I loved the way you painted a picture.
Good stuff................
KING KISSES XOXOXOXO.......................

I sometimes wish i lived in the ocean

Was at the Beach today in NJ. It makes everything seem better!

good description.......makes me head out now to the beach!

I love the beach at night when there is a full moon. Something about that I find very romantic.

Thank you, you brought back memories for a place that one I will be able to be. That sounds to be almost like paradise, except when you come back to the beach and it is full people. I do dream about that walk on the beach at night with some one I love, or some I do want to love. That is my dream. Thank you for bringing my dream back alive.

Nice story. I love the beach. It is so relaxing and no matter how heavy you day is the beach has a way to make you forget all your troubles.

Yes very familiar with your story,grew up by the beach in SoCalif.I still travel to SoCal but only thing I miss about Calif is the beach and friends.

A minute ago I was looking forward to White Christmas with my family but now I want to buy a flight ticket and go to a beach in the Caribbean ^^

Great Post Dolly~ I spent many a summer growing up at the beach and the beauty at night of hearing the wash of the ocean coming onshore as i drifted off to sleep was heaven. and then there was the shell collecting, finding a stray buoy on the beach that broke away from the lobster pots; the rush of riding the waves with a board. So many things. but it is a place that makes me feel content, but that draws me there to reflect, when times are tough. my respite. I can see why you love it so much too. Bravo!!

Yes been there a thousand times on so many different beaches in SoCalif.Although I now live in Seattle I go back to SoCal often and I stand there and stare at the ocean.LOve it and love your desc<x>ription too.Thank you.

You have a god given talent for writing, enjoyed your story so much, it was if i was on the beach with you,keep writing and look for more from you.......Love to one of your many friends please. :)

you describe it well i remember being there in my 20,s i loved the santa monica beach,we used to jog down by the water loved the sunset,s there

i also love beach...

Sounds lovely, want some company? x

Dolly; I love this... Well done! :)

Took me to our yearly trip to beach trip. Love the story

I have not gone to beach,but i like it.

i usuall hang out at the beach in the evening.. I love it when the beach is not crowded.. :)

Well written.