The Last Time At The Beach In 2011

I say this was the last time because I doubt I will be able to go anymore the rest of the year.

It was a sunny day with a bit of a breeze....
My boyfriend and I had just got done eating. We were on the way back to his house when he started taking a new route. I didn't think anything of it until we came up to the beach. He knew I had wanted to go so bad so he decided to surprise me by stopping over by the beach. We got out and walked hand in hand down to the water front.

I couldn't resist the water so I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants and walked through the shallow bit of water. The waves felt amazing on my legs! The water was so clear. Waves crashing to the shore. The perfect sight! The wind was blowing my hair and I faced him. He stood on the waters edge with me in the water and I put my arms around his waist under his black leather jacket. He was taller than me so I had to look up at him to look him in the eyes. We stood there talking and joking around for a few minutes. It all got quiet and he leaned down, slowly and softly kissed me. My hands moved up to his neck and I moved my fingers through the back of his hair. He always loved that. He pulled back for just a moment and looked me in the eyes pressing his forehead against mine.

Just then my cellphone rang. What an interruption! :P It was my cousin who spoke to him as well on the phone. After we hung up, we kissed for a little bit longer and walked along the beach. It was so nice! It ended too soon and we went back to his house. It was an amazing day I will never forget. Such a beautiful moment at such a beautiful place! :)
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Nice romantic story

Thank you :) Thanks for the comment as well!

Nice story.

Thank you for the comment :)

You are very welcome.