Playing In The Sand

For those of us who were fortunate to grow up near an ocean or close enough to visit, frolicking on the beach and sand is a fond childhood memory. With a plastic bucket a small shovel and no other materials except white sand and chilly salt water the boys made "forts" and the girls made castles. My 'Barbie Castle" was nothing more then a few overturned buckets of wet sand, many shovel-fulls of the dry stuff, stacked-sand ramparts and a rich imagination. 

Earlier this month at nearby Fort Myers Beach, FL, the world sand sculpting championship was staged with teams from around the world representing their native countries. They used pretty much the same implements seven-year old Katie once used -- shovels, buckets -- but that's where any comparison ended:

(note the man and woman admiring the cubist butterfly that landed on the back
of a person's hand. . . or are they Goda's Towers?)

(ever have one of those brain-pain days?)


And the winner . . . "Rich Piggy."

Credit the Fort Myers News Press for the shots. A person can spend only 
so many hours at the beach.

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I've always admired people who can do that. My talent is limited to the shape of the bucket. I think what makes them more impressive is the artist knows the sculpture is only temporary.

The pleasure of course is pleasing others . . . all strangers, temporarily and then quickly reclaimed by the sea.

What great art. Doesn't look like anything I used to do (or could do now). Thanks.

Went to stay with family recently and started playing with 2-year-old cousin on the beach... eventually he got bored and wandered off and I found myself sitting in the sand on my own carving an elaborate moat around a sandcastle. At 24 years old...<br />
<br />
I regret nothing!

I am so jealous of you .... I lived in Clearwater for about 8 years .... and visited North Captiva many times throughout the year ..... absolutely the best beaches and the best shelling ....

beautiful :)

Rockin' :-)

I miss the warm weather and the beach. These pictures made me happy.<br />

I think playing in the sand is a great metaphor for life itself. Think about it...

I love the beach and playing in the sand. It is so relaxing.

i love the beach. I have nt spent much timenear the ocean, 5 or 6 time I have visited there. Ilive near the Great lakes and spend pleanty of summer days on the beach there. Itit so relaxing. These a re some great potos. I can never make anything that good. Mine are just a sand castle made with a bucket like you talked about in your story. Thanks for the story it reminds me of the great times I have had at the beach with my family.

Very cool photos.<br />
I have always lived by fresh water beaches of Lake Michigan and love the beach.

these make our los anegeles sand competitions look like ****. thanks a lot show off.

no sand here... but we do the same thing with snow!! :0]

Well, then, we'll trade places. You on the beach in your red snow boots and green zippered ski jacket; me in flipflops and a bathing suit knee deep in the white stuff.

Wow! This is beautiful! I love the pictures, and your desc<x>ription was amazing! I miss the ocean so very badly right now!

Don't insult Grant. He and I were both born in the same county, albeit over 100 years apart. In HS, we used to drink beer at his birthplace at Pt. Pleasant, OH. Grant was actually a very good military commander, but an iffy president. The criticism of Grant as a "butcher" is totally unjustified and looks more silly when you look at the wars which came after our Civil War (not War Between the States).

The sand shapes are nothing compared to the lady who made this post.

Got that right! She's someone special for sure.

Mine was a sand beach on a lake my grandparents owned in Clay County in North Florida. Driving down from Ohio, we would usually stop at the battlefield at Chattanooga, or Chickamagua or Kennesaw Mountain; so I arrived at the lake imbued in Civil War history. Then, on the beach, I would try to create in sand what I thought (at ages 7-12) should have been done 100 years before.

Me thinks the prodigy general would not only out-think and out-strategize Rosenscrans, Grant and Sherman at Chattanooga and Chickamagua, but would kick their blue-coated butts in a sand sculpture battle.

Great story and pics, Katie. We saw some amazing sand sculpture competitions in Europe; one in Biarritz, France, and another in Bruges, Belgium. They are incredible.

Life can be a real beach if we're lucky.

it is a reminder that the mass of our achievements are no more than castles made of sand. They may stand a bit longer, but it is the act of building and the relationships built in that sand are all we really have.

Ah, yes...nothing like the beach to make sand castles. Take my kids as often as I can. But, of course... we have problems making even the basic of castles.'s fun.

I had to settle for lake sand as a kid, but loved building sandcastles nonetheless. I always love pictures from these things, thanks for sharing :)

My parents owned an apartment complex in Santa Cruze Ca. right across the street from the beach, one unit was kept vacant for family. Many summers were spent there.

Wow! Those are amazing!