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I love the beach. I have, ever since I was a kid growing up in central Germany. Its funny becuase back then I was a beach bum and there was no beach around.

Now I live right next to the beach. I go there almost everyday. I would go to study, walk, fish, swim or just sleep. I think that if I could live on the beach 24 hrs a day I would.

I am not sure why I am so drawn to it. I think it maybe because people seem to be happy when they are there. There is not much arguing or fighting on the beach. Its also romatic.

The last couple of months have been very tough for me. I now go to the beach just to lose myself. I do not think of anything when I am there. Its very peaceful. I watch the birds, horses, dogs and people. Sometimes I just sit looking at the water. I have lived here since 1990 and in that time I have seen dolphins, 1 whale, 1 seal, 1 manatie (spelling?) 1 mink, a couple of foxes, eagles, sharks and more. But those are the ones that were really exciting to me. Oh yeah...loggerhead turtles. I am very happy at the beach. I just wish I could keep that happiness with me when I leave the beach.
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I live in a seaside town in the northwest of Ireland, I love looking at the waves, bringing my dog for walks down there, there's something so amazing about the sea, I can't imagine not living near a big body of water! You can't swim in the sea where I live, the currents are too dangerous, but it's still an awesome place. It's the only thing that keeps me here, really. I loved your story, thanks

Thank you for your comment. I was there once. You are right...the currents and waves are rough there. THe water is also a bit cold. Here the water gets to the low 80s in the summer and 40 to mid 40s in the winter. I was just out there yesterday...had my feet in the water...shorts and t-shirt on. I was watching the pelicans dive after mullet. It was really cool. One of the best things about the beach is that you never know what you will see. If you are ever on this side of the ocean...drop by.

I'm going to New Orleans in April, I don't know what to expect! Where do you live? You said SC in an earlier post but I'm not sure what that means :/

south carolina

I, too, have a passion for the beach. The smells, sites and sounds are relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. I grew up in Alaska on the coast but live in Oklahoma now and not a seaside beach to be found. A landlubber now but I miss the smell of salt air. I have a bottle filled to the brim with sand from the beaches in California that I collected on a visit to Disneyland. It has lost it's scent but I hold on to it with glad hands. There's nothing like the feel of sand tickling your toes as the waves lap at your feet. It's a reminder of what was and what could be.

I have always wondered why people take sand from our beaches. I use to make fun of them, but after you explained it makes me feel bad. I never thought of the smell. I love that smell. I have to admit, everytime I smell it...I get a craving for oysters. At the inlet, I would jump off the pier while all th tourist are here. Its a little show for them to see the little brown boy jump into the water from teh pier. I would come up with a cluster of oysters and climb back up. They would ask me what I was going to do with it and I would it. it would gross them out. I pop them open right there and eat them...they are very sweet tasting. Once in a while they would get brave an try it, but most them say they would rather just by them at the store because getting them out of the ocean is gross. LOL.. I do like the smell of the ocean. It is home for me. OK? You are not too far from the ocean. Hope you get to make it back out there one day. You can always visit here if ya like. I love this place. I like it better than the west coast...water is more calm. guys get really nice sunsets over there.

I live on an island by the name of Trinidad in the West Indies. It is a part of the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and from where I live it is less than an hour to 3 different beaches. I have always loved the beach but I love fishing from the shore even more. I am ashamed to say that even with this close proximity I have not been there for 2 years. Before I would go at least twice a month and most of the time I would camp and fish for days on my own. It was some of the best times of my life. One of my new years resulotions for this year has been to return to my beach going days. It truly was one of the best times of my life.

I understand. I moved here to be near the water and the longer I lived here...the less I went. I started going again about two years ago, but only within the last 8 months started going everyday.

If I lived in Trinidad...I would be there every day. you have very nice waters there. Also very clear. I like it there. Was there once when I was a kid. I would not mind visiting again.

I use to leave about an hours from the beach. Couldn't get there often but loved being there. When I was 16 I went down to florida to visit for the summer with my cousin. We were at the beach every day. Dancing swimming just plain having fun with all the kids our age. I miss that time.

Brat...I am 43...I do that now. LOL. I am a big kid at heart and I love to have fun. Going tot he beach or wallking though the woods is my favorite. I know its tough to go sometimes...but just do it. It is worth it. Its just nice to be out, relax and hear the waves.

well, i'm 61 now. haven't been to the beach in a long time. i miss it so much. i moved from las vegas to a small town in texas. too bad there's no beach close to either place. i use to take my kids to the river and lakes we had usually close to where we lived. the ocean is amazing though. i was stationed in san francisco and went to the beach on the weekends with a bon fire and all. it was awesome.

i'm still a big kid. never wanted to grow up. just wanted to throw that in also since you threw yours in.

HAHA... I think most of us are big kids. You are still close...its a bit of a ride but it would be a good weekend getaway. I love San Francisco. Especially, Fishermans Wharf. I can sit there all day just watching people. There were a couple of really big lakes that I visited when i was in Vegas. Then about a half hour away from the lake we went to a moutain that had snow on it. I am not sure exactly where that was because my Mom took me when I was a little youger. I know the lakes are not the same as the oceans, but it is better than just laying in dirt with no water around. :) what part of Texas are you in?

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I am not a BIG fan of going to the beach. I find it boring. Very boring. It's not my thing to do on a Sunday.<br />
I prefer swimming in the pool. I like to swim in the pool.

thats ok...beach is not for everyone. I like to walk and look for shark teeth. It keeps me busy. I also like jumping in the waves...but thats becuase I am a goofball. I use to love the pool. I did not have to worry about anything biting me or something nasty touching me. I like swiming in the pool too. I just depends on my mood...and how crowded it is.

I too live in Washington which has a large amount of coastline and lots of island beaches as well, and I live on the edge of a bay. But I joke that I surf more in California. I used to go the beach more here but gas has become expensive and the cities near the coast in Washington are mostly moldy fishing or timber towns whose livelihoods have long since dried up. I grew up in so. Cal but grew tired of the crowds. I haven't explored beaches on the east coast much, but folks in Florida were really friendly when I went there. I have a lot of friends in so. cal which is one of the reasons I would ever move back.

Come over...I will show you some nice beaches with no crowds and soft sand. I love it. I would not mind visiting dead towns. I like to explore them. Here...they just knock them down and build on top of them. we have a pirate ship that is on the beach...but it has be covered by sand because the city wanted bigger beaches....

If you are ever in the area or traveling through let me know. I can show you around.

Thanks that is really kind of you.

no worries. I grew up in Europe were everything was open and we all shared expirences. I am still trying to get used to not sharing here. Its kinda weird to me. :)

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your post. Makes my desire to visit a beach even greater.

thanks...come down anytime and visit.

I am 42 and have never been to the beach. I live in Oklahoma so it's not so crazy when I think about it. I can totally understand your feelings for being near a large body of water. I feel the same way. There is a river nearby where I live. I go to it often and love it. Whenever it goes down (almost dry) it is incredible how its like nothing is there. Like it's just the earth and no special feelings. Yes, water does have an effect on us humans. I look forward to visiting the beach one day.

You really should visit. At least once. I go everyday. Not so much since it has gotten cold. I hope to be out there this sunday.

I can totally relate. I didn't grow up near the coast (or any body of water), but I've always been drawn to it. I definitely plan on moving to a warm, gorgeous coastal city within the next 5 years. Thanks for your post!

Thank you...Where are you thinking about moving. I am thinking about moving again too.

Definitely a warm climate, like Southern California, or maybe even further south into Mexico or the Caribbean.

There was a book written, I think the title was "Water", which described humans' unnatural attachment to water. The review pointed out that water is a fertile source of death as well as life, but that people will pay or do anything to look at it or be in it.<br />
<br />
That being said I love to do that too.

Thank you....I will look that book up. It sounds interesting.

There was a book written, I think the title was "Water", which described humans' unnatural attachment to water. The review pointed out that water is a fertile source of death as well as life, but that people will pay or do anything to look at it or be in it.<br />
<br />
That being said I love to do that too.