My Favorite Place

I grew up going to the beach. I used to go to Venice and Santa Monica beach...sometimes Hermosa Beach too growing up but more during the summer. Me and my siblings used to run in the water and play all day and then go out and build sand castles and bury each other in the sand. We used to also collect shells. I really love going to the beach. It's my favorite place to go to hang out.  I live about 20-30 minutes away from the beach right now. So sometimes I go to Venice and walk the entire board walk and look at all the different artist stands and stop along the way to enjoy the various performers there. Santa Monica beach has an amusement park. So I go there once in a while and play the different games on the pier and the arcade place and get on all the rides. To me the beach...and being around water is important. I've sometimes gone to the beach by myself to just sit there and think and almost meditate. I listen to the water crashing, watch the seagulls, smell the ocean breeze, people with the sand and just think. And I always feel better....rejuvenated going there. It's my magical place. I used to go a lot to Malibu beach and sit on the rocks...mostly at night. And sit there and watch the stars and try to make out constellations. When I was down I used to drive along Pacific Coast Highway listening to Audioslave song "I am the Highway" and go into the zone.

I truly do enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the beach


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No way this is to unreal. I grew up in Garden groive and went to the beach surfing huntington seal beach all up and down newport santa monica and I love venice as a matter of fact I was planning to go spend the day there next month that is to awesome girl

I went to the Cottesloe beach, it's the most beautiful beach in western Australia. I didn't swim but I took some pictures. that was a hot day, I sat on the lawn and watched the waves crash strongly. I thought about my future, the life, my family, I looked the water and the small boat at a distance so far. I was a little bit sad and's the challenges. the beach is always a great place for thinking

thanks, i miss the beach,the summer in Australia is very nice for watching sunset at the beach.Moreover, i could enjoy it at 7:30 pm, but i was too busy... :(

i went to the beach 1 week ago. that's really good, at the sunset, gold beams of the sunshine, stand on the sand and look forward to the sunset , just watch and listen to the waves sing , and i had a good night after that...

Yes its very relaxing and beautiful. I always sleep well after going to the beach. I'm glad you had a nice time at the beach last week :)

I also the beach and when I was kid my parents took my myself and my brothers to the beach , love the waves and playing in the sand .ect . I know live three hours away from a beach but when I go to travel back to my parents home I grew up in , I go to the local beach which is only half an hour way . I love to just listen to the sound of the waves . I feel a great peace come over me . its a great place to relax and take in the beauty of the ocean . I like to sit there to read and think when I go there bymyself . take care mishy

Yes its always nice to go and visit and read a nice book and just listen and watch the waves.