Balmy Day On the Beach

It was very hot yesterday so a friend and I took our dogs to the beach. The tide was out but we played ball with the dogs and got covered in mud.

We rinsed the mud off in a warm pool and then went for icecream and tea at a cafe on a cliff overlooking the beach.


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14 Responses May 8, 2008

I meant to also say that the day you described sounds absolutely perfect in every way. No wonder you smile!

I am late in getting here! Have you been to the US yet? If you are still planning, I want you to come see me! I make a good cup of tea and will make you a scone with jam and clotted cream, too ;-)

Oh? Where would that be then ?<br />
<br />
I need somewhere closer than an hours drive.

I know where there's lots of beaches to share.

not yet .. but I am excitedly planning a trip to America ..

Hear hear!!

Souless devils!!<br />
But what do we care .. let them have their tarnished coins.<br />
We will just laugh and polish our dreams ....

Yes .. its blooming true!<br />
I hadnt thought of it like that .. but yes it seems that everything has its price now.<br />
Even parks that used to be free around here are now charging for entry .. they say it is to pay for the upkeep.etc

Yes .. but very expensive little cafe (I seem to remember icecream and cheesecake was about £5) .. and rather nerve wracking so high up .. a stong gust of wind and we would have been flying .. !!

Fun day. :0)

I am in England and we have many places with high cliffs over the beach

just returned from another great afternoon on the beach. The tide was in this time so paddled and threw a ball in the sea for my dog. <br />
Messing around on the beach must be the best way of relaxing ever.<br />
It is well over an hour drive to beach but well worth it every time.

That does sound like a wonderful time

Sounds wonderful :)