Beaches Are My Life!

Ever since I was a little girl..... no no jk jk hahaha
But seriously I am and always was an Island/Beach girl, I have moved a lot over the years from Connecticut,India,South Africa, Hawaii, Rhode Island. and in all of those places My home(s) were always on the beach, its all i know. Connecticut- I have a house on the Shoreline, Rhode Island- Beach House in Block Island, South Africa- Right on the Coast Surfing with lovely Sharks:) not being sarcastic sharks are actually peaceful animals, Hawaii is my BIG one, thats where i first started to surf, I have been surfing for almost 11 years now so proud that i am a surfer girl :) We have a house In O'ahu, My cousins live in Hanalei, And We have another home in Honolulu. I have so many homes because of buisnesses that my family runs from Hotels/Motels too Sugar Cane Factory. I am very blessed but my family worked hard for what we have today, My grandparents came to America with only 100 dollars. We are Very lucky. And India!!! yes im indian I have a lot of family all over the place but whe have a lovely cottage in Bogmalo,Goa. So wherever I go Im always with my number one Love- the ocean :)
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1 Response Apr 10, 2012

I'm the same figurative boat as you - I love the ocean and most certainly prefer to be close at all times. <br />
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Goa is such a beautiful area - a far cry (the other way) from Kerala though.<br />
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Great story and thanks for sharing.