Beach At Thanksgiving

I guess I am one of those strange people who like the beach in November. I love to visit our favorite beach, Sunset Beach the week of Thanksgiving, basically the last week of the "season". There is something about the colder, windy weather I love. There are days that are windy and rainy, that leave you trapped inside. But then there are days, you can go sea shell combing up and down the strand.

The first time we visited the this beach was at Thanksgiving. My other half was deployed overseas and I was just overwhelmed with the fact that he was not home and many issues that were going on. I just had to get away. So off to the beach we went, it was more less just a chance to get away. Not really a "beach" vacation. We were pleasantly surprised with the house we rented for less than $400 dollars a week. It was lovely and had plenty of space for the kids to have their own "personal" space. Which is really important, everyone needs a space to go to and just get away.

We made the most of the week an really had a great time. We explored the beach, played put putt, explored the beach some more and just had a great time. Thanksgiving day came and off to the beach we went, it was beautiful and warm, the kids loved it. I was able to take some great pictures to send to their Dad. Lots of people made their way to the beach and there was lots of activity. It was beautiful.

The kids did not want to go home.

We have actually been several times in May and at Thanksgiving, but my kids are on in the fence of when they like to go. I think they they lean more towards going in Thanksgiving and so do I.
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4 Responses Apr 29, 2012

Sunset Beach as on Southern Oregon Coast - or where? I live near Sunset Beach on Oegon Coast......

Sounds Awesome! I visited beaches there as a teen.....

Thanksgiving was always my favorite Holiday, it reminds me of my Mother.

I'm thinking about going this coming Thanksgiving. I know my family is here and that is probably why. It's a soap opera and it's stressful. I would love the beach any time of year because it's tranquil.

I also love going to the beach in the off season and go every Thanksgiving and between Christmas and New Year!! Easter is a great time also i go to the Outer Banks weather is so crazy anymore you really never know what it will be like sometimes you get lucky!