I Live ''on'' The Beach

I love (almost) everything about it and I'll never get tired of it. I love to feel the sun burning my skin while listening to all the noises around me :3
kady4e kady4e
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10 Responses May 19, 2012

The beach is the ultimate escape. If I could have a house directly on the beach I would live the rest of my life with a smile :)

Iam glad you are no a bit.., But a Beach lover

I do enjoy the beach/ ocean, I wish I lived alittle closer to one.

you are lucky girl

I spent most of Monday at the beach. It was like being a kid again... watching the people, walking along the water looking for sand dollars. I came home with a terrible sunburn...lol. I loved it.

I love the beach as well. I have always lived close. I am sure to wear plenty of sunscreen though.

I knoiw what you mean....the beach and its sounds have always been my haven of life...my special place to escape too and put things in perspective.

Idyllic ;-)

As The Who said: "The beach is a place where a man can feel he's only one in the world that's real."

i wanna join you there in sun shine.. :)