Import 3gp Into Final Cut Pro - How To Convert 3gp To Fcp And Edit 3gp With Fcp

[b][url=]Import 3GP into Final Cut Pro - How to convert 3GP to FCP and edit 3GP with FCP[/url][/b]

Edit 3GP video files with Final Cut Pro, the first thing you should do is to convert 3GP video to FCP support format videos and then import 3GP files into FCP. It is a headache problem for FCP fans for the FCP doesn't supprot 3GP videos, the 3GP files will be gray when you want to import it into FCP.

[b][url=]3GP to FCP Converter[/url][/b] is the just tools for you to convert 3GP to FCP, import 3GP into FCP with the 3GP to FCP Converter, you will get the easiest way. You just need several easy steps to convert 3GP to FCP with its powerful functions.

Import 3GP into FCP, the 3GP to FCP Converter is the best choice for you to do it. Just free download the 3GP to FCP Converter and try it, you will be crasy for its powerful help!

How to convert 3GP to FCP, import 3GP into FCP and edit 3GP file with FCP?

Step 1: Add 3GP video files
Free download, install and run 3GP to FCP Converter, then click "Add File" button to select your 3GP files.
Step 2: Set output format: "Final Cut Pro"
Seletc the right profile that can be supported by Final Cut Pro, like .dv.

Step 3: Convert
When you get ready to convert, click the "Convert" button to start conversion.

Step 4: Importing convertion video files into FCP
Launch Final Cut Pro, go to "file > import..." to import 3GP into FCP for editing.
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May 22, 2012