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I Can't Imagine Living Anywhere Else ...


Originally posted May 2012.  Edited May 2013 to remove references to where I live

I can't imagine living anywhere else! I’ve lived near the beach on the New England coast my entire life.  Living here has meant that the ocean and the beaches have surrounded me and been part of me since the day I was born.  I remember building sand castles as a toddler, I remember learning to swim in the ocean, I remember long walks looking for just the right shell for one of my many collections.  But most of all, I remember always pausing to look out toward the horizon with an ocean breeze in my face and being in awe at the beauty of the ocean and the beach.

Growing up here means the beach isn’t just for summer and getting tan (but that is an awesome tan -- especially on the beaches the tourists don't know about).  but the beach is also for awesome walks in the fall wearing a hoodie and shorts.  Swap out the shorts for jeans and that walk is just as much fun in winter. Spring mean slowly shedding layers as the suns warmth returns.

You cannot know me unless you know the beach.  I swim there, I run there, I hang there, but mostly, I live there.
SaraBee1995 SaraBee1995 18-21, F 12 Responses May 27, 2012

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Work near the beach. Do like hearing the sounds of the crashing waves

Who does? You?

Yeah. I can hear the waves crashing wishing i could see them. But their is some building in the way. How about you miss Sara

Beautiful Sara! You both belong together, that ocean an beach loves the fact that your different. That you actully love its warth and ocasional breeze. It connects to you like a part of life. An it is only one life, so it falls in delight when it sees someone like you embracing its life. luv keyleeee<<<3

Thanks Keylee!

I grew up near the coast and we went to the beach every summer, so I love the ocean. Now I am much farther away, but still go to the ocean at least 2 or 3 times every year. Everything you describe is awesome.


I'm pretty sure you've done this already but in case you didn't: Grab an umbrella and go for a walk on the beach when the weather report says there is a 100% chance for rain. The minute it starts raining take of your shoes, walk towards the shore and let the waves bathe your bare feet while the rain is dropping on your umbrella. In case you're planning to do this during autumn, make sure to bring a towel with you, so you can dry your feet and get back into your shoes before heading back home or else you'll get a cold :)

Oh Laura! That sounds awesome, but I will top you! Do it without the umbrella! I LOVE the beach in the rain. Living where I do, I naturally have plenty of rain gear and will often put on a rain coat with a hood and go walk on the beach with my feet in the water. It does get quite cold this time of year and later, but it is the best time. The rain hitting the hood helps to completely isolate you from the world around you; it is just you and the ocean. :-)

Rain gear? I'll try that as soon as I can! Thanks for the tip :)

The hood is key....the noise of the rain on the hood so close to your ears allows you to completely block out the world. It is you and the ocean. :-)

Hello Sara, I'm going to post some pics. We can play name that place. This may get interesting! You will be better than I. Youll learn why thru pics i post. I will name the album "Places."

Umm, before we start playing games, shouldn't we get to know each other even a little? Your profile says you're the same age as my dad (just so you know). I'm not saying we can't chat, I'm just saying that all kinds of bells and whistles are going off in my head.

As you wish. I am older. I'm not trying anything out of line. I do respect all my boundaries. I'm just a single sober dad! I really have nothing to hide, nor any hidden agenda. I haven't talked to anyone from the Cape that is on this site. And for the most part my page is clean.

Actually, I didn't express any wish at all. I'd actually LIKE to chat with you. I just wanted you to know that those bells and whistles were going off in my head (and not because of anything you said or did, but because of all the other guys on here). I'm going to add you and hopefully we can be friends!

Cool! Nice to be added! Thanks!

What a beautiful day today was! The breeze was quite perfect! I didn't actually make it to the beach, although I do work only a stones throw away from it. How have you been? I don't get on here as much lately. I do read here every once in awhile though. id rather be reading a book I'm re.reading. The Tao Of Pooh. I must read if you have not! its written by Benjamin Hoffman.Talk to ya soon!

Yes, it was quite beautiful today...even a bit warm for this late in the season. :-)

Quite! I have the opportunity to work outside on every other weekend. Today, even at 7am, I sat on the deck, drank coffee, said a prayer, and got all my thoughts together in October!

Nice. Today at 7am, we were getting ready to ***** everything off of and out of the boat so they could take it out and wrap it for the winter.

Right on. Where abouts? I work in Pocasset, the part time otoh I previously spoke of.. my full time boss is docked at kingsman...

Hmmmm .... Rather not talk about specifics of "where" anything happens anymore. I was way too open when first joined EP. I have now learned my lesson. Sorry.

No problem. Sometimes its easier to relate when.... But on that note, why would I need/ want to relate... Oh, cuz that is what this site is?

Well, first, this site is many things to many people. However, I do understand what you are saying. When I first joined, I was (as you know) much more open. However, the nature of the world and of some guys in the world have made it so I cannot be so open. You will notice that I have taken down my pics and no longer list where I live. It is sad, but it is the way it must be. Sorry.

No worries! I concur that there are a a collection of strange people on this site. I guess that's what is interesting about it. Although, one must have much discretion with it... I, as well have made amendments to my circle to weed the undesirables!
I'm wondering... You still have not named any of the places in my pictures? Do you not like that game?

Huh? What game?

*points up...
Read this thread. Mine and yours...

Yeah, okay, 1) that was months ago, and 2) lets stop doing this in a story comment! Lol. Message me if you want.

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Oh, I love beaches in the winter too. I don't know, there's just something about them... so hushed, not quite sad, but peaceful. And beautiful, despite the grey.<br />
<br />
Ugh. But during the summer I sunburn so easily--no tanning for me!

Yeah, I burn pretty easily too, but I can't stay away. So it SPF 50 for a month until I ever so slowly build up a base, then I slowly start bringing it down until by September I can tolerate being in the sun with just 15 on!!! Some things are worth it! But yes, the beach in the Fall/Winter?Spring is like my private get away; and its different in each season. I think I could write a story about each.

Sounds like a wonderful place... I need to put that on my must visit list. :)

Yes, you must. It's awesome!

well im sure you enjoy alot and aside from swimming i guess do some fishing if you happen to enjoy that too,i guess living in that wonderful place makes you happy.

thanks, i do. as for the fishing, my dad and bro do most of that, but i've been along and i do kno how to bait a hook! ;-)

I couldn't agree with you more. Being able to walk the beach for miles and seeing nothing other than your own footprints and birds is spectacular.... Enjoy the summer.

thanks, you too!

The cape is very cool, though I'm not the biggest fan of coastal dwelling. I too live close to you, but y heart lies in the stone and wood of the mountains. Ahhh, the clear saltless lakes and streams. The ever flowing rivers and shaded brooks and cascades. <br />
<br />
Yeah, I'm going North.<br />
<br />
Nice story though. Great insights and feelings portrayed.

okay, i totally get the mountain lakes and streams thing...we go up to New Hampshire a lot and i love the waterfalls and yes the *clean* feeling when u r done with a swim in a lake. BUT, standing beside the ocean reminds me of who i am and what i am in this big world. the ocean has a power and presence that a mountain lake simply doesnt (for me anyway).

I live 2 hours from there . . . I know exactly what you mean . . . beach on my friend . . . 8D

2 hours from cape cod? cool ... where-about?

i cant agree more .... of course i live here so its easy for me to love it, but yeah i do. i dont think i could live anywhere that didnt have an ocean beach within 10 mnutes of my house....its where i go when i need to think (which is a lot!)