I Love Relaxing On The Beach

I Found My Beach – Have You Found Yours?

    My time at the beach allows me the introspection which is so often impossible to make time for.  But when I’m walking along, or sitting, at the beach… time, once again, slows to a crawl.  If time is moving slowly, then you can once again have time for any- and everything.

     When I was a kid, my free time seemed to actually last long enough to enjoy it; but as I grew and took on my self-imposed responsibilities, it seemed like there were fewer and fewer moments which could exist on their own.  Most, even the most picture-perfect and sublime, would quickly fade as other thoughts, responsibilities, and obligations so unfairly intruded upon them.

     I felt as though I would never have those peaceful moments again, but then a forced retirement gave me what I had forgotten I had, and what I had forgotten I needed… time.  I have to admit, I did not enter my early retirement gracefully (more like kicking and screaming); but I entered nonetheless.  What made it the most difficult, was the fact that it was not on my terms, but on the terms of others (other people, other factors, other physical limitations).

     The good news is, I’ve learned how to enjoy myself once again.  I learned how to slow down, and enjoy (like the little bull Ferdinand, from the Disney cartoon) smelling the flowers.  That, of course, is a simile… and in my case, my flowers are all aspects of the beach.

     I had lived inland all my life, and only first saw the ocean as an adult; but even upon that first exposure, I was hooked.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t the opportunity to see the bikini-clad lovelies that I found most attracted me, but it was the way the beach stimulated my senses.  Again, since I had never had the opportunity when I was younger, I wanted to feel the sand between my toes… to walk along the beach.  That sensation was nice, but at the same time, I realized the water’s edge had its own fragrance; the smell was like nothing I had known.

     I then realized, it was a combination effect, with each element, stimulating a different sense; touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.  The view was incredible (okay, okay, the three sexy young ladies in their string bikinis didn’t “hurt” the view any at all, but they weren’t my “primary” focus.  An additional disclaimer, the bikini-clad ladies weren’t in my touch category either.  I am a gentleman after all.  :oP), and impacted my sight. 


     The new odors, many of which were difficult to describe (some light and hard to even distinguish… others brash, and strong); each affected my sense of smell.  My touch was affected, as I went from the dry sand to the wet, or as I entered the water.  As the spray covered my face, I was able to taste the sea salt.  The waves, the birds, each worked on my sense of hearing.

     With each of the five senses being worked on, you would have thought that to be enough, but it was not.  What really got my attention was what the beach did to my frame of mind.  I was relaxing; perhaps for the first time in years.

     When I was injured and retired, I pretty much lost it.  I was ready to give up.  The beach was where I found it again.  Whether you like the literal beach or not, is irrelevant, but it’s important you find the “beach” that works for you.  Once you find that place, that situation where you find yourself relaxing even san effort; now you’ve got something.

     So go find your beach.  I found mine in a country with over 7,000 islands (so I don’t have to go far to find mine).  Get that point where you can relax again, and find out if there’s any of the “original” you inside anymore.  I found myself, and I like what I found about what is important.  Give yourself that same opportunity; a place to think, relax, and just feel good again. 

     Head for the beach!

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Nice write up....giving a different perspective to the usual I love beach stuff...! :-)