I Just Love The Beach

i love going to the beach and tanning swimming every thing about it
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I grew up in a coastal city in South America so we were surrounded by beaches. I lived in a boarding house during the school year and would have outings to the beach or pubic pool. Whenever we went either place, we always had a ball!
Once, I was having such a great time, I wanted to feel the water on my bare skin so took off my t-shirt despite the fact my mom had instructed me not to due to the huge sensitivity my skin has to sun rays.
I didn't have any suntanning lotion (UV technology wasn't known in the early seventies), so needless to say I got burned; badly burned. I was in bed for three days with a fever and blisters all over my back and one huge blister on each shoulder! I went to the doctor and the first thing he did when he saw me was to tap my shoulder with his hand saying, "how are you doing young man?"
"Once burnt, a lesson learnt" became a total reality for me during those 3 miserable days in life!
Today, I still enjoy the calming effects of the sea and the beauty of the sky up against it on the horizon. I enjoy the solitude the sea brings so I try and avoid crowds.

its the best

I'm ova swimmer

were you ever spanked on vacation or anywhere besides home or the neighbor's house?

yea it was pretty common. one time I even got spanked in a tent!

Were there many people around at the time? My guess is, yes. Though the spanking couldn't be seen, knowing the public could HEAR it must have been humiliating for you! I know it always was for me.
You see, I grew up in the time well before homes were equipped with central air. All windows were open so the sights and sounds of a spank could be heard and sometimes seen by other kids in the neighborhood as well as any strangers who happened by at the moment. I would love to read about it. You can message it to me of you'd prefer that over posting it on this forum.