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I Just Love The Beach

i love going to the beach and tanning swimming every thing about it
soccergirl22 soccergirl22 18-21, F 3 Responses Jul 13, 2012

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I'm ova swimmer

were you ever spanked on vacation or anywhere besides home or the neighbor's house?

yea it was pretty common. one time I even got spanked in a tent!

Were there many people around at the time? My guess is, yes. Though the spanking couldn't be seen, knowing the public could HEAR it must have been humiliating for you! I know it always was for me.
You see, I grew up in the time well before homes were equipped with central air. All windows were open so the sights and sounds of a spank could be heard and sometimes seen by other kids in the neighborhood as well as any strangers who happened by at the moment. I would love to read about it. You can message it to me of you'd prefer that over posting it on this forum.

Well I am sure you do not like getting spanked at the beach.

yea i bet that would be embarrassing lol