The Pigpen On The Water

I once worked for a very large company in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and one Supervisor out of the seven I worked under as an Executive Secretary had a beach cottage he rented out throughout the warmer months. The fee for a weekend was very expensive and more than we could afford at the time, but since I worked directly under him, he allowed us to stay free for the weekend. I was elated because I had not been to the beach for some time. He told me he and his wife called their cottage "The Pigpen on the Water" which I found to be exactly the opposite. It was absolutely beautiful and very well decorated throughout with beautiful beach and ship pictures enhancing the walls and shells and most types of beach paraphernalia evidently picked up by them and placed appropriately in each room. Each bedroom was quaint and comfortable and the kitchen equipped with everything one would need as well as a huge living room area and large deck. Adorable to say the least. We even took our dog and let him stay on the deck and romp this private part of the beach. We had a wonderful time and upon our return, I was so grateful for the experience, I wrote a poem to let him know which he framed and put in his office with a copy saved which I will share with you.


There's a pigpen on the water
Decked in shells and ocean splendor
Not your average fetid squalor
A piece of Heaven to remember

Tranquil moments with the sunrise
Restless seagulls taking flight
Resonant waves as drums in music
Changing beats throughout the night

Cheerful is this beach house
That bears the Enix name
Colors bright with views to treasure
Island elegance, pink champagne

I found warmth within this cottage
Rejuvenation by the sea
In this pigpen on the water
I found peace and harmony

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4 Responses Jul 14, 2012

have you been back since?

Absolutely Beautiful! You have created a wonderful mental picture for me, thank you, and thank you again for sharing this story and poem.

Thank you so much. Very much appreciated! Bless you.

Wonderful story and poem, both a treasure of a special place and experience. Well done, my friend, very well done indeed.

Thank you so very much for your kind response and I'm trying to get the nerve to write something a bit different. I have it on paper, just not on this site yet. It's a fishing story from a long time ago, but again thank you for that treasured comment.