Two Sides Of One Beach

I spent the whole weekend at the beach with my family, we only live about two minutes away, we get to see it in the summer when it is busy, families out enjoyin the warm sands and cool water, everyone forgetting there inhibitions the only place where no one cares what you wear, everyone there just to enjoy. The old couple just sitting watching , the teens trying to impress the opposite sex, the mums and dads building sandcastles, splashing about in the water with their children, the lovers sneeking a lingering kiss.everything happens in the summer.
Come winter the beach is desterted, the wind howling , the sea horses galloping at breakneck speed towards the shore, the noise of crashing waves immense, nature at it's best.
Regardless of the season I do love the beach
tigermoth1234 tigermoth1234
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1 Response Aug 19, 2012

Your beach sounds wonderful.

It is nice to see it in all weathers.