My Happy Place

There are days when just the simple act of leaving bed is a struggle. Dreams can seem so real that you just don't want them to be over. But eventually everything has its end, as surely as it had its beginning; my dreams and my childhood. Gone are those days when I'd walk two minutes to the beach. Gone are those secret caves I'd play with my friends and dog. Out of reach is one of my favorite place in the world. Now it's just the happy place I think of when buildings, and worries and studies and life gets me down. I think back to that one peaceful spot in the middle of the bay. Where it'd sit with my dog when the tide was out. I could stay there forever. But then the tide comes in. Slow at first, just a treacle, each successive wave pushing closer towards me from all directions. I loved that feeling for some reason. And we waited. Till there was no more sand around us and we were the only island in a sea of waves. Sami would circle round me, barking at the approaching sea, tails wagging, anticipating the swim back to shore. In the end, him on my lap, both our heads held high, the sea envelops us and inundates the last dry sand area in the bay. The waves prods us on all sides as if telling us it is time to leave this place. It is time to swim. I think that is why I still cherish this memory from so long ago. Because in its own special way, the sea taught me something valuable. In life, you'll get hit , from different sides. By people , circumstance and by your own self sometimes, and it may sometimes feel like your being pounded and the strikes are unbearable, but they are not. It's just enough to get you to move, to wake up, to learn and from there you will be guided to the shore, to where you want to be. That is my one of my happy place, where I visit in my dreams in times of need.
lostastral lostastral
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2012