The Beach

Okay, I live around Central Oklahoma. And we used to go to the beach every summer. Or should I say we still do.? Okay, yeah, anyways.. I used to love the water growing up. I was always so into marine life. Up until I turned 13.

I've always liked the beach, just now I don't particularly like getting into the water. I can point out all the bad things like... What if there's a shark? What if the water splashes into my eyes? People pee in this water, what if it gets in my mouth? Dx
Maybe that was a little overrated but still. It happens. And swallowing people pee on accident is just nasty...
EmberWolf EmberWolf
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2012

I live in Oklahoma and the lakes here are like ponds compared to the ocean. There is nothing like heading to the ocean coming up over the horizon and seeing miles and miles of water. It takes my breath away every time. If you haven't been for a swim in the ocean please do. It is NOT the same as the lakes here in Oklahoma. Trust me!!!

I have. :) just not a big thing for me..