All I Want

i'm still pretty clueless about the rest of my life. i'm supposed to be going to uni to study acting and i'm hoping to stay on with my stunt team for my career but i'm still pretty confused. all i know is i want to be at the beach when i'm older. just a nice peaceful really sunny beautiful beach for the rest of my life. that's all i know i want. whenever i go to the beach i always feel like myself. i love every aspect of it and i just want ot stay there forever. i love the sand, i love going swimming in the sea, i just love everything. i can't wait till i'm older to see if i get there but it seems so far away when i try to think of how the hell i might accopmplish this but oh well. i can dream.
KilljoyArt KilljoyArt
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I love the beach as well and go to one several times a year. I live 400 miles from the pacific ocean so it's a trek to get there. I spent a week on Maui last march and almost every day at one of the beaches.<br />
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Things will change for you as you get older and have to get on with your life. I, like you, have enjoyed the ocean/ beach from very young. Much luck in your pursuit of life, be well.