I Love The Beach...

I love the beach especially in the early spring and late fall... well anytime really.
I use to love sitting at the beach and watching the storms form off shore. My senior year of high school my family moved to Georgia- we lived less than 10 minutes away from the beach. Needless to say I spent a majority of my days and nights at the beach. It was where I would go when I needed to sort out all of the problems in life. There was just something about the calming sound of the waves crashing, the salt air, that made all of lifes problems melt away.
I think it is impossible to stay sad, or angry about anything when you are at the beach. Just immerse yourself in nature and enjoy all the wonders that are there.
Watch the dolphins play- and let your heart fill with happiness and wonder. It reminds you of how amazing life is and how beautiful everything can be if you are open to letting yourself see it.
brokenangel913 brokenangel913
41-45, F
Sep 24, 2012