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Loving The Beach

For some reason , I have been attracted to the beach ever since I was just a child. And when I grew up , I would usually hang around the beaches during chalets with friends. Even at night , I don't know why , but it's really soothing to just stare out towards the horizons and sniffed in the scent of the seawater.

The serene black skies full of stars as I lay down on the lukewarm sand , there just doesn't seem to have any place more tranquil than the beach at night to me
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I spent a third of my life on a foreign island where at one point you could see both sides of the island. I can't recall a day I wasn't swimming at the beach or pool; wore my bathing suite like a second skin. We camped out a lot, snorkeled among the coral, hiked around the coast and climbed the piles of boulders that seemed to have formed mountains at the lips of the water. I miss being near the water to this day and it's been over seven years. Guess I'm thick ^^' but for a thing to fall I love with I'd say the beach isn't such a bad choice.. ^^


I love the beach the most during off season when the beaches are deserted. I like the solitude, and am always humbled by the immense and absolute power of the ocean. It makes me fill small and insignificant compared to its timelessness.

Being by the sea is good for your soul ;-)

Beaches are lovely and perhaps we are attracted to them because we came from the sea initially as simpler organisms

The beach and water is a wonderful thing. I would love to spend more time at the beach as well. Hurry up summer and get here.