A blast of warm, summer breeze blew sand into the children’s eyes. "Mummy," Peter shouted, rubbing his eyes.

"Och, come here bairn. Let me wipe your eyes for you," she said, grabbing a soft towel. She wiped the sand out of his blue-green irises. "There now, is that better?"

"Aye, Mummy; much better," he smiled.

"How’s the water today, Peter?" she asked.

"It’s a bit cold, but I’m having fun," he replied. "I’m going back for a wee swim." He ran into the waves. His mum laughed as she watched him splashing about in the shallow water.

She sat on her beach chair, fanning herself with her book. The sun was giving her some much needed color as its rays shone across the shimmering water and sand. The aroma of something wonderful and delicious came floating towards her. "What is that?" she said. She turned and looked behind her. "Och, it’s coming from the fish and chip stand. I wonder if Peter will be hungry?" She stood up, dropped her book on the blue and white striped chair and put her hand over her eyes, blocking the sun so she could search for the lad. "Peter!"
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He heard his mum calling and ran out of the water. "Mum!" He waved, catching her attention.

"Peter, are you feeling a wee bit hungry? I can smell fish and chips and thought now would be a good time to have our lunch," she suggested.

"That sounds brilliant, Mum. After lunch can I have a donkey ride?" he begged. He pointed at the man leading a small gray donkey around the beach. "Will said it was great fun when he did it."
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Dec 3, 2012