The Beach Is My Life :)

ever since i was a kid i lived near palm beach florida and every moment of my childhood in that place i enjoyed because i love the view, the fresh air, the wind blowing almost everything about that place. As i grew up every morning i would wake up early and go surfing or swimming and even take the dogs out to play and run around for a while. Its where i grew up and now i dont want to leave that place its where i first learned to bike, went to school and did everything for the first time. But now unfortunately we had to move away somewhere else because my dad found a job in another country, so yea everyday i wish i was home because everything is different and doesn't feel anything like "home" :( so yea everytime i go back to the past i get "home sick" thats how much i loved that place, always near the beach, the sunsets and the wide open space where gentle winds blow and the sound of birds chirping in the was like heaven for me.
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