Home Is Where The Beach Is...

I was born, and brought up by the sea, very near the sea, on the coast of England. In East Anglia, and it still seems strange now, living inland, and not having the coast within a couple of miles of wherever I am in this town.
So many memorys; walking on the beach with first love/early girlfriends, slightly more illicit things later on down by the beach.
Just standing on the cliff tops, at night; watching the storm, offshore; seeing the lightening over the sea.
Walking over the sea wall, in a storm, getting the spray up and over me, smelling the salt air.
and of course, being on the beach in the summer, swimming in the sea; fish and chips on a summers day, sitting on the towel on the beach.
Punch and judy shows, as a kid, too of course... I doubt they even exist anymore.

As we'd always been near the beach, we always went for family holidays to other places by the sea; Blackpool, scarburgh, etc... Cambre sands, etc...

Even now, when I'm back in the area, I like nothing more than to be walkign along the beach, or the sea wall, if its wet, cold and windy, its fabulus, fresh, exciting still even now, and when (if it happens), we've got the sun out, its gorgeous too...
I always imagine, one day, I'll be back, living by the sea, I do hope so, its where I feel at home... ; there is no breathible air this far inland... seriously... the air by the beach, by the sea, it makes me feel more awake than I can ever achieve even this short distance inland..
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 7, 2012