I Adore It, I Live It

I have only been to exactly five beaches in my lifetime. Granted, I'm only 13-15, but I feel like I have been missing out.

From the moment I first saw the beach (vacation, Hawaii) I was hooked. I loved it. Our rented place was right next to the beach and I was about 8 or 9. There wasn't anyone for miles, so I crawled out of my bedroom, and walked right out of the house, and spent all night at the beach. No one ever figured out, and I didn't tell anyone. It was my own little secret that I loved, like a diamond. It was beautiful and special.

I became physically and emotionally attached to that beach. I climbed the palm trees around it, and picked up a little bit of surfing, and did everything you possibly can at a beach. I went out every single night and during meals when no one could see and would just sit there for hours. I talked to the beach, I slept by the beach, I lived and breathed the beach. I probably sounded like a crazy person but in my mind all I wanted to do was stay there forever.

When we had to leave, my dad had to carry me out of there while I kicked and screamed. Eventually I was reduced to heartbroken tears. We went to San Diego a year later. There were so many people and I couldn't enjoy myself. The vacation just made me even more depressed. I waited and waited for us to return to Hawaii but we still haven't to this day. Two years after the San Diego disaster we went to an island four hours from Seattle. It was almost completely deserted, with only one other neighbor. Perfect.

I went out every night that week. There was a palm tree that was perfectly flat lying over the water. I would sit there and think. Just the fresh air and saltwater kept me feeling alive and happy. The eighth night I crept out of the cabin again, just like usual. In the daytime I jumped off of the palm tree into that beautiful blue water and played and laughed, but at night, it was just a time of spiritual bonding with the ocean.

I climbed across the tree and sat there, straddling it with my cheek pressed against my towel, which also served as a pillow. I almost had a heart attack when I saw my dad coming towards me. I thought he was going to be mad, but he just joined me, and we sat there all night.

The following year I went to Nicaragua on a missionary trip. There were people everywhere! So basically I would just run alongside with my sister at night, feeling the adrenaline and beauty of the ocean pump through my veins. And it was glowing green! It was turtle laying season so that's why it was like that. But the ocean seemed to be bristling with energy.

This year we went to Mexico. Not Cancun, but about an hour away from it in a sleepy little town that no one had ever heard of. The beach was just made of rocks, but our condo had a huge deck almost directly over the rocky ocean. This time, I didn't sneak out alone. I felt horrible about keeping all of those beautiful beaches to myself so I woke up my younger sister (my older one was away for foreign exchange) and we sat on the deck for a couple of hours, drinking ginger ale and talking about plans for the future, and regrets from the past. We passed out around five a.m. and my dad found us that way. He got mad, but it wasn't that bad. I felt happy sharing my bond of the ocean with others.

No one in my family seems to feel the same way I do about oceans. To me it's the most amazing thing in the world, and I would happily live there year round, even if I were homeless. Lakes and rivers depress me because they are much colder and usually I can walk around them because they are so small. Oceans are infinite, expand for forever, and hold millions of secrets and creatures. I have to be apart of that magic. It's a part of me.
I hope you guys feel the same way. I'm sorry for the long post, I just had to throw my feelings out there.
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i love the beach to

Yes. I adore the beach. It's just the most amazing thing in the world.