Oregon Beaches, Waves Beyond Compare

I grew up with lake beaches. Gentle, sandy, safe places to play, swim, get some sun, perhaps read a book. I was totally unprepared for the beaches along the Oregon coast. If you have not been there, and you enjoy nature at its primal best, you need to go to the Oregon coast for a few days.
CarolH66 CarolH66
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

My daughters and family's rent a house on the Oregon coast for a week during summer, it's a beautiful place, but steelhead is right, the water is too cold for other than a quick dip.

The beach is great.

Do love the Oregon coast. For me, the water is mostly too cold for swimming, but not much of a swimmer, so no problem The coast is quite beautiful. Really like the be at the beach during a winter storm. Nature showing her stuff.