The Three 's'

i love sunsets at the beach, the orange, purple, pink, black, and red streaks, covering the horizon, gives me that overwhelming feeling and making my facial muscles work, leading to a smile from ear to ear.

the beach flooded with cool mango shakes is the best.
my fave. :), that taste i can't get enough of.

it may not seem real for now,
but i will keep on waiting somehow,
to meet you one day at the beach,
because now you're out of my reach,
my hands will fit with yours perfectly,
and i will hug your arms intensely,
i'll give you soft, sweet kisses on your cheek,
pardon me for that, coz you know i'm meek. ;)
i have always loved your smile,
i even took pictures of it and had a file.
the sunset at the beach, is where we'll be,
i'll wait there for you til eternity.


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1 Response Dec 18, 2012

This is very nice. I tried to guess the 's' words before finding out and thought maybe: sand, surf, and either sea or sail. But this is fine, and good, and I love it.

I see.