I have a fantasy to make love or have sex on the beach. I have expressed this several times to my husband, but he doesn't want or doesn't have a desire to do it.

He has this nudity fear I think. He will not even sleep naked. As soon as we finish have sex ...... He showers & dresses quickly.

I walk around nude all the time in my house & he doesn't understand how or why I do it. I told him I feel sexy nude.... He agrees that I am very sexy, but encourages me to dress before someone comes over & sees me. :-/
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Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a much healthier attitude about your sexuality than he does.

Sex on the beach does sound awesome - with one caveat - sand getting into the wrong places can be quite unpleasant! :)

I've always live by the beach.... I've had sand in all the wrong places before .....

No biggie... You get to go home & take a long bath with each other. Then get the sand out of each other's wrong places ;)

Belle - quite true - but that sandpaper effect during the act - speaking from experience, that can really spoil the moment! hehe!

Heheheehe ;D

The beach and especially the dunes are so sexy. I often go nude and it's surprising how many like minded souls you stumble upon. Ours isn't a nude beach, just very quiet but I've had some very sexy experiences and you can feel the excitement in the air.

had sex on the beach; and it truly was fun at that time; and at other times while having sex merely re living the experience. Read my story " Sex on the Beach" posted in "I had sex outdoors" and do comment!!

I also enjoy sleeping naked..but it depends on the person and his/her personality I guess..

I think that you are right to go nude, especially if you, justifiably, feel sexier. I share your beach fantasy, but I saw "From Here to Eternity."

Go to a fancy "clothing optional" resort and he'll find out everyone is looking at you and no one cares if he is naked or not

I never ever wear anything in bed, even in winter when it's 10 below freezing, i think the last time i had pajamas or sleep wear i was about 13 hehe. If you like being nude you go for it

Watch for sand with beach sex can be rather irritating. As fir feeling sexy nude good for you if you have it show it. Somebody will appreciate it if he isn't.

Ok..... If I have it. ....... Hummmmmm

Would say you should try for sure. It should be a guys dream to please his wife. Happy wife happy life. Also sex on the beach is a real rush.

No ... The hummmm was for you for saying if I have it to show it ...... :/

I said that because you said you feel sexy naked. Good for you, you should all women should. You should have somebody that makes you feel that way as well.

Ok..... Understood now ;)

Well good lady I'm pleased to hear it :)

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Sex on the beach is fun, but the sand can eventually be a problem.