Something about walking on the beach, with my toes crushing through the sand, hearing the waves crashing ashore. I love to hear the seagulls screeching above begging for food. I love picking up seashells that are hopefully totally in one piece. Or different colored beach glass. I love the feel of the sun warming my shoulders and then putting on my wide brim hat to cover my eyes. The smell of the salt or sometimes the seaweed that fills the air. All of this and more brings out a giddiness that sometimes hard to explain. So, I'll say that, "It is really something."
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

It was a mild day in new England today. My only problem? Deciding which beach to go to. Went to my favorite ones and ran four miles along the shore. Watched surfers do their thing. Man that water must be cold now. They're not crazy people though. Gonna start getting cold again this week. But I count down the days....32, when I will be cruising in the Caribbean ocean. Oh yeah!!

I agree. I feel peaceful when I'm at the beach