Against The Rocks

When I saw the title i love the beach, it brought back wonderful memories of a trip i made to the beach over a year ago..
It was a beautiful day and a perfect day for a walk on the beach, my boyfriend rang and asked if i would join him for a drive and of course i wasn't going to refuse...(he drove a lovely porsche) plus he had been on call all week and was in need of clearing his lungs and getting into the fresh air
Off we sped and finally decided to go to a quiet secluded beach, we took our shoes of and felt that beautiful sand warm as it should be, After much walking we decided that we would sit down and enjoy the heat, we found a little cove, sat down on his jumper and decided to have a little bit of nookie, we were distracted by a girl giggling, we decided to investigate and peer over the rock that had been our shield from others, on the other side of the rock was a photographer taking loads of pictures of a very beautiful nude red head...... thing is they caught us and didn't seem to mind us watching...
We got bored and went back to what we were doing,  that is when my boyfriend took me and made love to me up against the rocks, it was just amazing, thing is the couple who were taking nude pictures, heard us and when we looked up. we too had an audience. 

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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Dunes are so sexy. First you feel relaxed, then at one with nature, then sexy! I do every time.